Meet the Owners

"We believe that an innovative space can cultivate brand new ideas or provide the ability to "think differently."




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Julie Johnston

Julie is a technology professional who leads the technology design efforts at Indiana University for innovative classrooms and informal learning spaces.  Through her work, she was  inspired to design and create VisionLoft.   She believes that VisionLoft will bring together space and technology to empower people to generate new ideas and move their vision forward. She passionately explores new technologies and plans to provide a space for others to come together to dream, explore, and innovate using high-tech technology in a creative space.  Julie is a resident of downtown Indianapolis and cares deeply about supporting her community and providing a space where people can come to innovate, collaborate, or celebrate! 


Dan Johnston

Dan has been a resident of Indianapolis for the past twenty years.  He has been a business owner and entrepreneur for many years and holds a MBA from the University of Illinois.  This has been a dream of his to be able to bring a space to life and provide something unique to the city for quite some time. 

Dan has been a commercial producer for over 25 years.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois in 1989 and went on to receive his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois in 1996.

Dan has been a licensed agent in the state of Indiana since 1997 and currently holds non-residence licenses in many other states.  He has over two decades of experience working with loss sensitive and large deductible programs in such industries as manufacturing, contracting and wholesale.  Dan recently launched VisionLoft Insurance Services, LLC.