The Vision

 VisionLoft is a creative meeting venue in downtown Indianapolis available to host your corporate events or unique wedding celebration. Check available dates!

There is no other species with as unique of a vision as the owl. Their forward-facing eyes are nearly as large as human eyes and are immobile within their circular bone sockets. For this reason, owls need flexible necks, as they have to turn the entire head to change views. They can move their heads 270 degrees in either direction (nearly all the way around!)

At VisionLoft, we have created a space to encourage the vision of the owl.  The flexible type of space that invites your group to take a step back and envision the big picture.  Step away from the few inches in front of your eyes and vision your success.  You can provide us with a vision for your meeting or personal celebration and we can transform our space to make this the most unique and enjoyable experience for your guests! 

For meetings, our space is specifically designed to encourage collaboration through thoughtful discussion, brainstorming and leveraging technology.  "No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you are playing solo, you'll always lose out to the team." Reid Hoffman

For celebrations, our space can be customized to provide a comfortable and elegant space to celebrate within steps of the popular Mass Ave. in downtown Indianapolis.